17 September 2021

How to Leverage Social Media in your Business to Drive Sales

How to Leverage Social Media in your Business to Drive Sales

When you enter the world of online marketing you will encounter new social media sites that are quite large in size and an extremely large amount of users. By this I mean that statistics show that the average web page visitor will view your Facebook fan page 3 times. The average user spends 2 hours per day on social networking sites. By 2021, more than 3 billion people are expected to be on social media. This truly is a large number of potential visitors you would’ve failed to reach in a year on your own. This large number of social media users is where social media is becoming a really powerful tool.

Facebook Fan Pages

There’s no limit to the number of Facebook fan pages that someone can upload. In addition, these Facebook fan pages provide a point of reference for potential and existing customers. When marketing your business on Facebook, you may find that you have reviewed a particularly interested fan page. As you review that fan page you will undoubtedly find that one of your interests is something that the user specifically wrote about about in their fan page ( slogan, gallery or picture, even their link to their website).

While you may believe that this is a potentially random occurrence, when you realize that the Facebook fans are ‘in the know’ about a certain issue they search for it on the web regularly and on the social networking site. Statistics show that almost 97% of Facebook users either have a personal or business account with the site. So you would have likely seen a change in activity if you visit a fan page.

By setting up your Facebook fan page, it may seem as if you’ve ‘passed the buck’ and ‘preferred’ the fan page of someone that appears on the website of another business. If you manage a fan page, make sure your content is as relevant as possible, in fact if you can ensure that your content is more relevant than your link on the website of the target company.

Popular Social Networking SitesĀ 

In addition to your Facebook fan page, you may also want to take advantage of YouTube and other video resources. We all know that users love to watch videos, so allowing for a resource (or a video) to directly be sent to your fan page is a great means of interacting, gaining permission based and creating a way to gain an unlimited number of followers. Even if you believe that you need to find a way to compel someone to leave an email address in order to receive your advertising opportunity, this procedure is not difficult to perform. The idea is to allow your audience to accept and interact with your messages as if they were a customer. Hundreds of videos have been produced to “create a sensation” that’s been seen by millions upon millions of users. By providing a unique way to allow users to view and interact with your business on the web, you are keeping in contact with your most accessible users.

Creating a marketing strategy using popular social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube will allow you to fill your business with eager customers. Through the use of strategic targeting, interactive content as well as user interaction strategies you will be able to engage thousands of potential customers who will be looking for your products and services. Today the world is small, and that means that the internet can be used as a lead generation tool in every industry. These platforms allow you to have a more personal connection with your audience. This connection will lead your audience to trust you more, and this trust is the main driving force to achieve sales!

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